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Ortho T:25 Knee

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 I will attest to this! It was in my office and was placed on my niece. She had been limping since her ACL surgery (1 month post-op). She immediately walked normal after putting the T25 on. Her jaw dropped...and so did mine! Great product and I’m ordering one for my daughter today.

Dr. Ched Garten - Paragon Sports Medicine, Atlanta, GA

“The tube is soft and simple to wear. I have been using it on the leg that I injured my knee, and I have been pain free since. It has also helped me become more aware of where my knee is when I’m playing, which makes me feel safer and more confident, especially after having recovered from an injury.”

Christine G. - Player

“The ACL tube is super easy to put on and doesn’t move around at all. In fact, I can hardly feel it all while I’m playing because the material is so comfortable. When I wear the tube I can feel my knee swinging more freely. It’s cool!”

Katie B. - Player